hurricane matthew

boy am i glad that hurricane matthew has passed and the skies are sunny once again here in our little piece of the sunshine state. we are beyond blessed to have made it thought the hurricane with no damage and we maintained power the whole time. some people in the area have been told not to expect to have power restored until tuesday evening. that would be five days without power!! some people can't even get back to their homes yet to see what is left, and some of our friends have had their home destroyed. we feel extremely blessed and I thank God for protecting us. 

Thank you each and every one of you who extended well wishes and prayers for us!

in everything we give thanks | goals for october

autumn is supposed to be the season in which we tend to be the most thankful. surrounded by family and friends, the warmth of a roaring fire and a good meal. it is all so perfect. and it is easy to give thanks for all that we have in the easy moments. but what about when life isn't so perfect, when the our flame is running low and we feel like we can hardly make it through the next day, hour or minute. how do we offer up our thankfulness then? i know that i am guilty of refusing or failing to be thankful when things are going quite they way i wished they would go. i have muttered my complaints to God, when i should have been thanking him. i want to focus more on thankfulness this month and turn my attention toward home.

i wanted my goals for october to be simple, and ones that affected our everyday lives and well being. i want to look back on this season as season of growth and thankfulness.

my goals for october:
- cut out diet coke as much as possible. i actually started doing that this past week kind of on accident, and when i noticed a difference in how i was feeling i decided to continue on the trail of cutting out diet coke!
- write kristopher at least one note a week. leaving little notes for kristopher is one of my favorite things to do. even though he finds them before he is supposed to.
- keep a thankful journal. i want to write down one thing that i am thankful for each day in the month of october. for me, there is something about writing things down that help me remember and appreciate them more.
- cook dinner more. now i do already cook a fair amount. usually 3ish nights a week, and breakfast on the weekend sometimes. but i want to cook more. i want to know what we are eating and save a little money in the process.

i am so looking forward to the month of october, the cool weather, warm knits and recipies full of pumpkin. do you have any goals for october? i would love to hear them.