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recently I posted on instagram about making changes around our home. I have been focusing more on what the ingredients are in the products in our home, and not just getting it if it says "organic" or "all-natural" or "pure" because I have learned that some of the products I used most were some of the worst. and even 2 of the products I used in my teenage years have lead to issues now in my adult life.

I know you can find these alternatives all over the internet and pinterest, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with y'all and what they replaced.

Dry Shampoo: 1 tablespoon corn starch // 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol // 2 tablespoons of water // 4-6 drops essential oils
combine all ingredients and store in a glass amber spray bottle. shake well each time before using. wet roots, brush through rest of hair. you can either let it air dry, or blast your roots with a hair dryer. I personally think it works better when with the hair dyer, but if you are pressed for time air dry works fine.

I used to use either batiste or drybar. Batiste got a 9 out of 10 on the think dirty app (10 being the worst), and drybar came in at a 10. I prefer the homemade dry shampoo to these other two and it leaves my hair feeling much better are more natural. 

Shampoo and Conditioner: this is one thing that I haven't gone to making homemade yet, but I did switch out my old duo for a new one. I was able to notice a difference in my hair within two washes. I used to use OGX renewing with argan oil, and it came in at a 10! a product that is supposed to be organic. after picking my jaw up off the floor I started looking at other shampoos and conditioners. I landed on Honest Company shampoo and conditioner that came in at 1 and 0 respectively. 

Face Scrub: 2 teaspoons baking soda // 1 teaspoon water // 2 drops lavender essential oil
combine into paste. wet skin, massage on to skin, rinse with warm water.
I used to use bore baking soda pore cleaner. you would think that a product that is supposed to be made of baking soda would be good, right... wrong! It came in at a 9! so I did some research and made my own. you make as little or as much as you need and you probably already have everything you need in your pantry already. my face is very acne prone every more in my late 20s than when I was a teenager, thank you mama. This is gentle on my skin, while cleaning it without leaving a chemical residue.

Fabric Softener: 1 cup epsom salt // 10-14 drops of essential oil
mix well to ensure that the oils are dispersed. store in a glass container.  include 4 tablespoons, or 1/4 cup per load of laundry.
I stopped using fabric softener a while back. I didn't like the residue it left on our clothes, that coupled with the overwhelming scent was enough to make me say no. then i experimented with a vinegar fabric softener, but after doing more research I discovered that vinegar can cause the seals on a front load washer to break down much sooner than normal. I certainly don't want that!

Dryer Sheets/ Wool Dryer Balls: I picked up a set at HomeGoods for about five dollars, they are by Laura Ashley Home. I love them. they separate the clothes and linens better and help dry them faster using less energy and less time in the dryer. you can also customize the scent per load. just add about 2-4 drops of oil to each ball. the scent is fairly faint and will last about 2 to 3 loads depending on the size of load and the temperature of the dryer. I used to use the honest company dryer clothes, and they are rated very very well on think dirty coming in at a zero! yes a zero. best score possible. I will still use them occasionally, but I mainly use the dryer balls. they cost less and last a lot longer. If you prefer dyer sheets, the honest company ones are by far the best i've tried. they are non scented and they are wet. that may sound a little odd, but since they are wet when they go in they can last up to two load per sheet. i have used those for a couple of years now and have been very impressed. 

Flour Sack Towels: now I know this isn't quite a change in chemicals, but it has saved us money and reduced waste. instead of using paper towels to clean, I use flour sack towels. they can be used multiple times and then you can just toss them in the washer when they need to be cleaned. you can find them at a lot of places, even target. they are great because you can use them to clean mirrors and glassware streak free. i have developed quite a large collection, but they are perfect for cleaning just about everything. we even used one when we were installing our kitchen backsplash.  since they don't cost much, its not a huge loss to toss one if it gets too nasty.

Essential Oil Diffuser: This is probably the single best and most effective change I have made. I ditched the candles and have been using a diffuser instead. the first time we went to change the AC filter after making the change the evidence of the change was right in our hands. Our filters used to come out almost completely black and we had to use heavy duty ones just to keep up. now, the filters just show signs of normal dust and dirt. it was mind blowing to see the difference that cutting out candles made. I still use them occasionally, but not almost all day like I used to. It is also nice to know that if I forget to turn the diffuser off it won't burn my house down like a candle could. instead it just turns off once it runs out of water. and I can the scent as I want to, instead of having to wait until the candle burns down. Ive also been using a combination of eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint at night to fight my sinuses. I honestly can't say enough good things about using a diffuser. maybe I will make an entire post dedicated to that later.

Air Freshener and Febreze, linen spray alternative: 1/8 teaspoon salt // 2 oz distilled water // 20 drops essential oils
combine the salt and essential oils in an amber glass bottle, shake well until the oils have a chance to marry well with the salt then add the water. shake well each time before use. then just spray where needed.
I love using lavender and rosewood for the linen spray. it is such a soothing comforting scent. you can use regular water instead, but i prefer distilled so that it does leave in mineral deposits on the furniture and so that they don't clog up the spray bottle.

tub scrub: 1/4 cup liquid castile soap // 10 drops essential oils // 1 cup baking soda
combine ingredients together in a mason jar, stir/shake well before each use. spoon onto a scrub bush as needed.
before, i just used an all purpose cleaner on the tub, but this tub scrub has made a world of difference. it makes the tub shine like the top of the crysler building.. now i need to go watch annie!! anyways. this stuff is amazing. I've used it on tubs, tile, countertops, and sinks. I've noticed that in between uses when i am just wiping these surfaces down, that the tub and sink manage to stay cleaner and look brighter. makes my job a little easier. ill take it!

large and small amber glass spray bottles, amber dropper bottles, diffuser, laundry drying rack- amazon. love me some amazon prime
flour sack towels- some are from target, mine had a set of four solid white for under $4. I have also found them at HomeGood and Marshalls. they are especially good when you can snag them on clearance.
mason jars- I either pick up at the grocery store or amazon. depending on where I am when I need more.
peg racks- container store.

happy home keeping. 

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