handmade autumn table

while helping my mama design her new dining room and kitchen, we came across a few table runners hand sewn by my great grandmother. the colors and design instantly spoke to me, i could almost see my great grandmother sitting there sewing these stitch by stitch. i packed them up and brought them home with me and i couldn't wait to use this one to set the mood for autumn. as i started to put things together, i quickly realized how perfectly they match these handmade napkins from Dot and Army. these beautiful napkins are handmade in Georgia. i picked them up at last years southern living shrimp and grits festival. they were a little different than my normal choice in napkins, but i am so glad i choose these. especially for the summer and autumn months. 

some of the most beautiful moments happen around a family table. i love the quote, "When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence." so often we want to keep our blessings to ourselves, we don't want to share our material accomplishments with others. but what we fail to realize is that when we open our hearts and our homes, we end up feeling more blessed in ways that things cannot. 

it is hard to believe that the first day of autumn is later this week. i really don't know where this year is going so quickly. my hope is that we will slow down and enjoy autumn more this year. get away and see all the colors of fall. turn our phones off and enjoy the company of the person right in front of us. this season won't be here for long and I want to soak in each minute before it is gone. 

happy last few days of summer!

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