curating everyday moments

when i created the name, a mrs among magnolias, i was deep in the middle of find my style and my main focus was decorating our little home. three plus years have passed and i find that a mrs among magnolias doesn't suit me the way it used to. our home still changes occasionally and i am sure it still will as time goes on, but it is not my main focus. it is more about the everyday. enjoying those moments, the moments that may seem simple and mundane in the moment, but then later we realize that those were the moments in which the greatest things happened. i still love to set a good table, but i have begun to view them less as a production and more as a purpose. this change began in this blog post. i shared a little of my heart and what i wanted to change going forward.

gone are the days of collecting jack rogers, purses and clothes galore. and i am one thousand percent ok with with. i want to collect things that enrich our family, that we can look back on one day and know that those things made a difference for our family. i was to decorate our home in a way that we will enjoy, not in a way that will get the most likes or view online.

i hope that y'all will continue on this journey with me while i curate everyday moments.

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