preparing for fall

As the new season of the year is on the horizon, I have begun thinking about the goals and plans for myself, our family and our home for this fall season. Not just things like pick a pumpkin or go on a hay ride, but things with more meat. Things that will enrich our lives and out home during this season. To help us be intentional, simple and real. I was to enjoy and savor every moment of the next few months because this year has been moving faster than any other year in my life so far. Normally, about this time each year I would pull out my big box of fall decor and I would fill every open space with fake pumpkins, flowers, leaves and everything fall. This year, I am saying no to all of that. 

Last fall and especially last winter(christmas) I spent more time than I care to think about decorating our home, and then I didn't even get to enjoy it for very long. I was miserable, tired and just over all the Christmas festivities. I feel like I missed out on the joys that fall and winter bring. And sadly, I feel like I didn't even get to enjoy Christmas because I was ready to take down the Christmas tree before Christmas was even over. 

I don't want to force fall into our home. I want to bring in fresh flowers, pumpkins, pinecones and leaves as they cross our path and feel like they need to be brought in. I don't want to fill out home with fake flowers and pumpkins just so that I can post pictures of fall decor. I have bought in to the notion that I have to go overboard just because its fall. but then I end up unhappy because our home feels cluttered and my bank account is a little light because I went out and bought so much fall decor.

We already have more than we need to live a comfortable and beautiful life in our home. Our need for more decor doesn't suddenly happen just because the colors of the world around us are changing. God created a perfect world, and He has given us so many beautiful leaves, flowers, gourds for us to enjoy. I want to bring those things into our home and celebrate the amazing world God created. I want to less time at Michaels shopping for fall decor and more time with my family taking in every moment of this season.

This new season to me, is a season of warmth. A time to cuddle, and snuggle. a time to break out the flannel and wool, to eat good food and to enjoy one anothers company. That is what I want to remember when I look back at fall twenty sixteen. Not how many photos I posted or how many likes I got. I have spent a good portion of the last few months trying to remove and pair down things in our home that we don't use or don't like anymore. I don't want to undo all of that will decor overcrowding.

A new season is near, and I cannot wait!

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