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I want to welcome you all to the new a mrs among magnolias. I have been taking some time to think about what impact I want to have on the blog world, and most importantly what I want to say and what I feel I am called to say. 

I have spent so much time setting pretty table setting and trying to make my home look perfect that those spaces became unused. When the table is set perfectly, it seldom gets used and enjoyed the way a good dining room table should be used. The other day, we were having dinner on paper plates with my parents, when my dad accidentally flung a piece of his chicken across the table. Jokingly, I made a remark that a messy table is a well loved table. As those words came out of my mouth, I had to think that there is more truth and substance to that phrase than I was giving it in that moment. 

Yes, this table does see dinners on fancy plates and pretty settings. But the dinners that have the most substance are the ones made out of love, not perfection. 

My life isn't all about setting a table or decorating a home or even a gift guide. My life is about being a wife, a homemaker and Lord willing one day a mother. I take my calling as a wife to my husband very seriously, but that wouldn't be possible without being the bride of Christ first.

I want to share my messy imperfect life here, not my staged home. I have spent countless hours and dollars making my home perfect for a photo. And all that has come from that was discontentment and frustration.

I want to share my real life. I enjoy cooking and cleaning and serving my husband to the best of my abilities. I love hosting friends and family. And I do all of this imperfectly, but by the grace of God it is made beautiful. I want to share that here.

I hope and pray that my words would speak to you in whatever phase of life you are in. I hope I can show you Hi grace and hospitality.  Most of all, I hope that I can show you God, working in my life.

So, welcome to the new A Mrs Among Magnolias, where house meets home!

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