making the most out of the mess

When we decided to do a little sprucing up in the kitchen, I never thought that it would turn into a few weeks of no stove! At first it didn't seem so bad, but it beginning to become a bit stressful and I feel like I am running a 3 ring circus trying to figure out how to cook with no stove/oven. Last night, I  boiled pasta on our griddle! Yes, the griddle. I told y'all I was having to get creative. 

Our kitchen in the heart of our home. Literally, it is in the center of our home, so we are constantly going through the kitchen. The mess is starting to get to me, and I had to find some semblance of our clean, fully functional kitchen. 

I have had a cabinet on this wall for a while now. And when I first moved it here it was great in theory, but as only time could tell, it was more of a mess than a solution. The top of the cabinet seemed almost impossible to keep clean. It was like clutter just magically found itself there every time I would clean it off. Along with the clutter it attracted, it also stopped the flow of traffic through the kitchen and made our smallish kitchen feel even smaller!!

There was much thought about the function that this part of the kitchen needed to have. The cabinet did house a good amount of dishes and other kitchen items, but they weren't ones that were used very often. So, it was like this cabinet was just taking up extra square footage.

I didn't want to leave this wall bare, but I wanted to find a way to use it that was best for our family. After a little bit of scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, I quickly realized that I was drawn to the look of the peg hooks. And the container store came through! 

I already had this sign and my aprons hanging on the wall, but now I love that I have my constantly used cleaning supplies within reach. Home cleaning supplies that are also pretty to look at is one thing I firmly believe in! Most of these items were Amazon or Home Goods finds. 

Just a mini sidebar! I have The Laundress all purpose cleaning solution in the spray bottle on the left of the photo above. One bottle lasts me about a week to a week and a half, but the amazing thing is that a little squirt of the concentrate is all you need! Mixed with some hot water, of course. I've ditched all the mrs meyers products and solely use this to clean pretty much every square inch of the house! 

It is truly wonderful when something comes together so well! The dresser is going back in our guest room and still houses some of our dining and serveware, but now we have better functionality and flow in our kitchen! 

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  1. Been there, done that...just a few months ago. Your best friends are a crock pot, a George Foreman grill, and the microwave!