Sunset Springtime Soiree

I have been accustomed to the notion that all things at a table have to match. The plates, the glasses, the napkins, everything. But the more I delved into the world of interior design and table settings, the more I started to play with patterns and colors. 

When I started setting this table, I planned on shooting the photos in the morning when the light was high and bright, but as I was putting it together I loved the sunset light coming in the back windows. So, I had to grab my camera! 

The rich colors of the flowers and napkins mixed with the cool blues make for a perfect sunset dinner set up. I can just imagine friends and family sitting around the table laughing and enjoying a delicious dinner together. 

Life gets so busy that sometimes we forget to slow down and eat a meal together with no phone or distractions! That is why I love creating tables that draw you in and make you want to sit stop and have a meal together. 

I cannot tell you how much I love these Spode Lakeside bread and butter plates. They are the perfect muted calming shade of blue. Don't tell KJ, but I am planning on working some of them into a galley wall in the living room. It wasn't really the plan, but thats how some of the greatest designs start, right?

It was very hard not to just sit down at one of these places. It feels so bright and welcoming.

Do you have any springtime soirees on your calendar? 


  1. What a gorgeous table setting! I love the contrast of coral and blues!!
    We were planning on hosting a Mother's Day brunch, but now I think plans have changed..I was really looking forward to planning a menu and table scape too! :/

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