Spring Entryway

Ahh, springtime! I love this time of year. I love to watch the earth rebloom and become green again. It is such a beautiful reminder of what The Lord has done in my life as His child!

I love reusing old candle containers as flower holders. Park Hill candles make some of the best flower holders, in my opinion. This one was from my christmas candle, and I am burning the pecan pie candle right now and the whole house smells glorious!

Boxwood Balls // Blue and White Bowl- Vintage // Royal Stafford Serving Dish

Many times, the entryway table sits empty with just the lamps on it. This makes the Charleston map really shine! I remember the day we hung it up. It took 4 people to determine if it was straight and centered. My mom and I sat in my office drinking chia tea while the boys did the heavy lifting. 

For some perspective, the ceiling in the entryway is about 13 feet tall, so the top of the map is probably 8 or 9 feet off the ground. If you head over to this blogpost you can get all the details on where I downloaded the map from and how I printed it for less than $15!

I picked this orchid up before Valentines Day at Target, and the blooms on it have just been amazing! I also finally got another orchid in the house to rebloom!! Maybe my black thumb is turning green. 

Happy Spring from Our Magnolia Home!

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