It's a Blue World

I love blue and white, well mostly blue, in particular navy. I love navy. I love that so many other colors go well with navy. But I'm stuck in a blue world. I try to branch out to wear or decorate with other colors, and I do on occasion. Like these pink and orange napkins, but every time I do it's like navy is calling me back in. 

I admire designers who can paint and decorate their houses in bold bright colors, and I wish I had the courage do to that. But then blue calls my name. 

If anyone is ever without a gift idea for Christmas or my birthday, I end up with something, yep you guessed it, blue and white. In fact, other than the Spode Woodland dishes I was gifted this past Christmas I cannot remember the last time my birthday and Christmases weren't full of some kind of blue items. 

At times I feel stumped by my need for blue and navy. Like how much better could my home look if I branched out and decorated with other colors?? But I've accepted it, I guess it's what makes me, me! 

This blue comfort zone doesn't just apply to decorating. 90% of my clothes are accessories are also blue or navy. Thankfully the hubby understands it too. He picked these pretty blue gingham New Balances for me. I have never loved a pair of shoes so much, with the exception of my ginger jar slippers from Stubbs and Wootton

So there you have it, my love for blue! I think I get it from my mama, she is the same way. Hopefully, all of my readers out there appreciate my love for blue since that is most of what you will see here on A Mrs Among Magnolias!