Friday Roundup

I rearrange furniture in Our Magnolia Home like its my job! We recently got this ottoman to use in our living room, but one day I got a little bored and moved it to my office and so far I'm loving it. My office is right off of the garage, so its one of the rooms that everyone walks through when they come home. Putting the ottoman in there gives us a place to sit down and take off our shoes, and the garden stool is the perfect place to put down my purse

There is a running joke in our house, that KJ doesn't ever notice when I move stuff around until weeks or even months later, but this move he noticed in about 5 minuets of being home. 

Our foyer is all ready for spring, pretty tulips, a beautiful orchid and plenty of blue and white! I'll be sharing the rest of the details next week, but here is a sneak peek. I love using the leftover container from Park Hill candles for flowers, especially in the spring and summer. 

Back in October, I DIYed a giant map of Charleston for our foyer. It's about 3 foot by 4 foot and fills the foyer perfectly. Best part of all is that is only cost about $11 to print! Then my dad made a frame from some moldings from Lowe's. It certainly makes a statement, and its the perfect shades of blue!

I wa having a rough day Wednesday, so to lift my spirits, I ordered these beauties! Now they just need to hurry up and get here. I think they will go perfect my bamboo flatware and Blue Willow! There might be a new tablscape post in the near future!

I am looking forward to the weekend, and I have been trying to decide what to put on the menu this weekend for breakfast. The bad thing is, I don't know if I can top what I made for breakfast last Saturday and Sunday! Any suggestions?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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