Check Please

This chair was a pain to recover, but I must admit I do love it now that its done. I enjoy seeing it in the living room all the time. I haven't touched the wood at all, except to clean it. Other than that, it is the same color that it was when I bought it.

What do y'all think of the chair recovered?

Now onto the sad before pictures- The photos from the process are from my phone, and aren't the best quality.

A main thing that we did was remove the wings. I wanted to try to keep them, but I we couldn't save them and make them look good. So they had to go! Don't tell anyone, but I actually like it wingless better. 

I used a staple gun to attach the fabric in all the hidden places. 

Here is the secret behind the trim on the chair! I needed something a little wider for the back, but I also loved this greek key ribbon. So, I attached the greek key ribbon to the striped ribbon with Stich Witch and made 1 trim from the 2.

Again, sorry for the bad iPhone photos!!

All in all, I wouldn't be afraid to do take on another chair project. Next time I will have to more patience.

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