Blue and White Wednesday No. 10 - The Navy Built Ins

I have been looking forward to this post for a while now, and I was planning on waiting until the new curtains were up and everything was completed. But, the table was set all pretty for yesterday's blogpost, so I thought what better time than now.

Back in February, I talked KJ into painting the back of the built ins in our dining room navy. We haven't painted our house since we first painted it when we first bought it 4 years ago, and I had been itching to pull out a paint brush and go to town.

I have been thinking about painting more than the built-ins, but the living areas of our house are so open that it is very hard to start and stop paint colors through out the space. And not to mention that all the corners are rounded.... so that makes it even harder.

We choose Sherwin Williams, Naval. I have always loved this shade of navy, and I happened to have a sample of it in the garage the day we decided to paint.

To be honest, I had some serious reservations about painting the built ins navy. I was worried about how it would look with all the Blue Willow piled in. But, it looks like they are all pretty happy.

Here are a few before photos of the dining room. Its hard to even remember it looking like this! I didn't think that a little bit of paint could make such a huge difference.

If you want to see this room before it was a dining room, check out this post.

All I can say it wow what a transformation!! I cannot believe that our dining room used to be so bland. No wonder I kept craving a little color and dimension in this space!

You can see all the tablescape details here


  1. Love the navy paint, and the curtains, too! The whole room really pops.

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  2. So pretty! The navy looks so awesome!

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