Spring Cleaning with Mrs. Meyers

Springtime is here! 

Well, I don't think that we ever had a winter this year. But the beginning of spring comes pretty blooms, and the return of Mrs. Meyers peony scented cleaning products. 

This year I am going to stock up, so that I can ration these out until next spring. If you have smelled these yet, run to your nearest Target! You will thank yourself later. 

Our dishes have never smelled better!! 

Bonus way that I love to use Mrs Meyers peony scent, is with the laundry scent boost. But I don't use it in the laundry! Instead I dissolve some of it into a spray bottle and spritz it on the carpet, furniture, blankets and so much more to add a hint of springtime. 

Happy Springtime, Friends!!

1 comment :

  1. I stocked up on this last year and just ran out! Perfect timing for me to stock up again! It truly is the best scent out there.