Valentine's Day Bar Cart

I cannot believe that today is February 1st! My family has so many birthdays in the month of February, including mine, but before we can celebrate my birthday we have Valentine's Day to think about. KJR and I have never really been people who like to go out on Valentine's Day, so we usually just do dinner at home. 

Since we are going to be having dinner at home, cooked by yours truly, I wanted to make sure that the bar cart was dressed up and ready to celebrate! 

This pretty Valentine's Day card is from my dad last year. It was way to pretty to just put in a box, and I love the personal touch it adds to the bar cart for Valentine's Day. The frame is a Ralph Lauren Home frame that I found at Marshall's for $10!! Best clearance find lately, with the exception of this gold Ralph Lauren lamp I found on sale for $40 at Home Goods.

Even though Valentine's Day is all about the color pink, I will certainly be pulling out my Blue Willow dishes for our Valentine's Day dinner. 

Have you styled your bar cart for Valentine's Day yet? I hope y'all have a wonderful start to February 2016!


  1. Your bar cart looks gorgeous! I love blue and white and have a lot of it throughout my house, especially in the living room where my bar cart is. I think I need to give it a refresh and add some more blue & white and pink blooms to it! Also love the framed card! That makes it so special!