Valentines Gifts // Pink in Our Magnolia Home

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I worked in a florist for a few years and I got the pleasure of enduring a few Valentine's Days and let me tell you, it was not as much fun as the other 364 days of the year. So, because of that, I am not a fan of red roses and I prefer the bunches of flowers you can get at the grocery store over perfectly arranged bouquets that are delivered by the local florist. KJ has always gotten me a bouquet of those aforementioned perfectly arranged bouquets and they always look so pretty, but are dead about a week later. Since I worked at a florist I also know how much these bouquets cost and I know that the price usually goes up around this time of the year. 

This year, I have been telling KJ since about November to get me something pretty that won't die in a week. And to go to the grocery store and pick up and bouquet or two and I will be just as happy. He has a bit of a tough time this time each year with my birthday being 3 days after valentines day! 

Any of the gifts would be perfect for to get yourself, or to give your Valentine as a hint!

Although, I do like the color pink, I try not to put too much of it in our house so that its not too girly. But Valentine's Day provides the perfect excuse for a little pink! Here are a few pictures from around the house that have a little splash of pink!

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  1. I love your added touches of pink and that be mine banner is so adorable!