Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

On Wednesday, I ended up having to go to an urgent care facility with a swollen neck. It was not the most pleasant experience! However, on the way home there is a little thrift store that I love to go to, but I rarely make it to. I talked to my dad into stopping in while we waited on my prescription to be filled. I had seen this mirror there before about 6 months ago, and I thought that it would be gone for sure! Thankfully, much to my surprise, they still had it and it was only $20! SOLD SOLD SOLD! It is currently the color it was when I bought it, but I have been thinking about painting it. I can't quite decide if I want to or not. 

Here is what this space looked like before:

I think the mirror makes the space look so much larger.

I hope that y'all enjoy your weekend!

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