Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

On Wednesday, I ended up having to go to an urgent care facility with a swollen neck. It was not the most pleasant experience! However, on the way home there is a little thrift store that I love to go to, but I rarely make it to. I talked to my dad into stopping in while we waited on my prescription to be filled. I had seen this mirror there before about 6 months ago, and I thought that it would be gone for sure! Thankfully, much to my surprise, they still had it and it was only $20! SOLD SOLD SOLD! It is currently the color it was when I bought it, but I have been thinking about painting it. I can't quite decide if I want to or not. 

Here is what this space looked like before:

I think the mirror makes the space look so much larger.

I hope that y'all enjoy your weekend!


Where has this month gone?? I feel like time has just flown by! Our family took a trip to Tennessee the 2nd week of January. We got to see snow, shop and eat way to much! But when we came home my new custom House of Belonging sign was waiting for me. I absolutely love how it turned out, and I will share more details soon. But, what amazed me the most was how different it made the dining room look!

While we were in Tennessee, I picked up a new sign for over our back french doors. And the Love Grows Best sign was where the new one is going so I moved it back over the couch. I have a little project up my sleeve for the rest of the living room wall that I cannot wait to get started on. This wall is actually pretty long and it is screaming to become a gallery wall. 

The worst part of being back from vacation is all the laundry that is left to do when you get back! I don't think that the pups were into the laundry either! The only good thing about doing laundry, is that I get to use all the amazing smelling products from The Laundress! Head over and visit them here, I promise your laundry will never be the same again!

Our house has been all tulips all the time since we got back from Tennessee! I am not ready for the springtime heat, but I am ready for all of the pretty blooms!

All of the Christmas boxes that were waiting to go into the attic ended up landing in my office until they could be put up. It was a disaster and my office looked like a tornado had gone through. Thankfully that the is put away and my office is starting to look more organized again!

I hope y'all have had a fabulous first few weeks of 2016!