Warby Parker Round 2

It has been a year since I got my last pair of glasses. I love my current glasses but I have been waiting to get a second pair to have around. Last year I tried out Warby Parker's try at home option, but I didn't find any pairs that I was in love with. So, I am hoping that this year is different!

Heres how it works: You get to pick 5 pairs of frames from their website to try at home, then you send them back all at no cost. If you find a pair that you like, all you have to do is provide them with your prescription and they create your new glasses and send them to you. They start at only $95! That  is less than what I paid for my last paid though my eye doctor.

Here are the frames that I choose. 

I love that you can try them on in your natural habitat. It's one thing to try them on while you are in a doctors office, but its even better if you get to try them on at home even wear them out and get your friends and family's feedback.

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