New Blue & White Additions

I would love to say that my blue and white collection is complete, but lets be honest I don't think that I would ever be able to pass up a new blue and white find. I've recently added some new pieces to our home. Some of the items I have had a on wish list for quite sometime! I love mixing in the old with the new. It give my home more of a collected look.

Ralph Lauren Lamps

I have been waiting on a pair of these of appear at one of my local TJ Maxx/Marshall/Home Goods and they finally did!! 

Double Happiness Jars

These have been on my wishlist since I started my blue and white collection. I had been hoping to find some at a local thrift or antique store, but I found these on eBay and the price was too good to pass up. I can't wait to style these on the mantle for Christmas!

Blue Willow Towels & Pot Holders

I saw these beauties at a booth on Market Street in Charleston, but I ended up not getting them and I am kind of glad I didn't. I found these for a fraction of the cost at Bealls Outlet. If you don't live in an area with a Bealls Outlet or Burkes Outlet, you are missing out! But they are very similar to a TJ Maxx or Marshalls. The great part about Bealls Outlet is that on Friday's everyone under 50 get 15% off of everything!

Ralph Lauren Throw Pillow

This print from Ralph Lauren is call Porcelain Blue, it is my all time favorite that Ralph Lauren has created! I have always wanted to get the comforter or duvet cover in this print, but my pups are hard on bedding, so I have never gotten it. I am really glad I found this throw pillow at Marshall's!

My design style has changed over the years especially when it comes to home decor, but through all that I have discovered not only my love for decorating but also my love for blue and white. I hope one day I can use my skills to help other women decorate their homes! Until then I hope I can inspire people through my blog and the space I have created here. 

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