Collecting Pineapples

There are 2 main things that I collect, pineapples and any blue and white. My love for pineapples started on my first trip to Charleston, about 4 and a half years ago. Pineapples are the symbol of hospitality and there are tons of beautiful pineapples all over the city!

I have been lucky and most of my pineapple items have been found at antique stores and even Goodwill! But as more and more people start selling items on Instagram the more good things I have found, like this giant pineapple bowl.

When it arrived and I got it out of the box, it was much larger that I thought it was going to be. The size of it gives me many more options for use! For now, I am using it on the coffee table. It is perfect to catch all for the remote, candles and other little items. Not to mention it is the perfect spot for left over Halloween candy!

You can see some of the other pineapples in Our Magnolia Homehere.

Scroll through the pictures below to see some of my favorite pineapple items!

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  1. Is that the pineapple bowl from the Lilly for Target line? I've been wanting that since it was released! Such a cute find :)

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista