Thrifting + A New Entryway

Anytime I go out thrifting with a specific item or project in mind, I never seem to find what I am looking for!! This past weekend, I stopped at Goodwill on a whim since I was passing by it and I found some pretty awesome goodies all for under $20! 

My finds included: a blue and white ginger jar and planter, 2 wooden reindeer with metal antlers, a poinsettia nic-nac ( that I am going to use as a soap dish) and a metal pineapple candle holder.

This blue and white ginger jar was missing it's lid, but that didn't matter! It was too cute. I liked that it was lighter than most of the blue and white gems that I have. 

The deer are going to get a new bow and they will be ready for Christmas!

Im thinking I might paint the pineapple either white or gold. 

I don't really have any planters either, so I was happy to snag one. Im thinking I might pile some mini pumpkins in here. 

On the entryway front....Its has been empty for quite sometime, and its been sad. I had a list of what I wanted in our next entryway table and this one meets them all! It had to have storage with no glass, be neutral, and be large enough to span the distance of the entryway without costing the cost of a car.

I searched all my go-to places for furniture but everything was either expensive, had glass fronts or was too small. Then one day I stumbled onto Rooms-to-Go's website and I found this dresser, but it was teal. Now I love the color teal but it is a little out of my comfort zone and it was $700, but everything was perfect. So, off the to the Outlet I went and I was able to find the same dresser in a white/cream for $340! SOLD SOLD SOLD. It was in my car and home in 30 seconds flat!

Now we just need to get some artwork, patch the whole and give this wall a fresh coat of paint (in the same color). I cannot wait to see it all completed!

Here is the table that used to be in the entryway. It is now in our dining room. It was a Marshall's find from Summer 2014. I am still working on what I want to put on the walls. KJ does not want there to be a mirror there, so artwork it is. Now, we just need to find something fairly neutral!

New Entryway Sources:
Entryway dresser: Rooms-To-Go Outlet. They still carry the dresser at the regular store, but I have only seen it in aqua there
Gold Lamps- Ralph Lauren Home
Pineapple Rug- A Goodwill find, but the back of it has a Shaw Flooring tag on it
Curtains- Homemade from Ikea fabric
Garden Stool- by Safavieh from Wayfair

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