Husband Knows Best

There are 2 things KJR and I never really agree on in our home, hardwood floors and rugs. Ever wonder why we still the have carpet and tile in our house from the previous owners? Yup, its partially due to the fact that we can't agree!! (honestly, someone elses carpet grosses me out!) We also have very few rugs in our house for the same reason! KJR is one of the most easy going people I have ever  met, and he has petty much given me 100% free reign of the decor of our home, within reason!

My husband is an outdoors man. If he could live in one of those tiny homes in the middle of nowhere he would! Anytime we go somewhere and we buy prints or paintings from people he always gravitates toward those of the water/fishing. Now, we live in a coastal city that is over run with creeks, lakes and rivers, so having this art in our house fits the area and personality of our home.

He has an office/man cave space, but I didn't want all this pretty artwork to be tucked in a room that few people ever go in! So, I brought it out into the living room (another while you were at work project). The most rewarding part of it all, when KJ came home the first thing he said to me was that the living room looked really good. 

I never thought about how well the colors of this space would work with the artwork. The green couch, the aqua rug and the color of the walls. It was just screaming for some coastal artwork. How did I miss that one?

aqua rug - navy stripe pillows - brown frames - black lantern

This rug was a good spontaneous buy. Its an indoor/outdoor rug, so it is easy to vacuum. With a black  lab that is always a plus in our house.

Here is what that all used to look like. The room really lacked color. I didn't want to go overboard on color, but I wanted to have enough that made the warm feel warm and inviting! I've moved the love grows best sign into our bedroom, because honestly there is hardly anything on the walls in there!

lamp // candle // galvanized tray

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  1. I love the change up of the coastal decor, my husband loves buying prints like this & I've come to love them as well :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista