Entryway Remade

It's complete! And I love it all.

This dresser makes 1 of only 5 pieces of furniture in our home that we purchased new, everything else is antique finds or handmade. And that is one of the things I love about out home, there is a story behind most of items in our home. I strive to makes my home feel like us. I don't want it feel like a model home.

Charleston holds a special place in our heart. That is where KJ got down on one knee and proposed to me over 4 years ago now. We also recently went back and visited over the summer and I fell more in love with the city than I ever had. And, since this city means so much to us, I wanted to bring part of it into our home.

Charleston Map: When I originally was looking for a map I was searched eBay and Etsy but all of the maps were so expensive especially for one of this size but then I found this map! I was drawn to this particular map mainly because of the color. I love the light blue.

I downloaded the map from here and I had it printed at Staples. I did a color engineer print, and for this size it only cost about $11. The map is huge coming in at 3 feet by 4 feet. My dad built the frame from some molding that we found at Lowes.

Here is what the entryway looked like last fall, and it is amazing to see how far its come.

Here is the entryway a few weeks ago, before the map went up.

Here are some the sources for the entryway: The lamps are Ralph Lauren Home that I got from Marshall's, the rug was from Goodwill but has a Shaw Flooring Tag on the back, the garden stool can be found here, the blue and white vases and jars are from antique and thrift stores, the curtains are made from Ikea fabric


  1. I love this look, the map from Charleston is so, so pretty! I wonder if I could find one from Savannah to hang up in our entry-way...that's where we honeymoon'd!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista