Blue and White Wednesday {No. 2}

I hope that y'all enjoyed last weeks Blue and White Wednesday. I enjoyed searching through Pinterest to find some more inspiration for this week! If you scroll through my Pinterest page, you might notice that most of my pins have some sort of blue and white in them.

Here are some of my favorite pins from this week!

These pins makes me want to go out and get some topiaries and blue and white pots to put them in!

There is a lot of blue and white throughout our home, and it hard to share just a few but here are some of my top favorite items currently.

Blue and white lamps

These lamps are probably my favorite blue and white item I have ever found a Marshalls! They are so versatile and can be used in many different rooms. I think they are have been used in 4 different rooms of our home so far!

Blue Willow China

China - Flatware - Glasses - Napkins

This is a snapshot from back in July from our stay at home anniversary dinner. (Yes I know the napkin is on the wrong side). I think this is my favorite photo to date of my Blue Willow.

Garden stool

Garden stools are easy to use in every room of your home and pull a room together so nicely.

What are some of your favorite blue and white pieces or rooms in your home? Share them on IG tag #AMAMBlueandWhite!

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