1 Bar Cart 5 Ways

When I first purchased this bar cart for our house, I didn't realize how much I would enjoy rearranging it. Not kidding at all, I rearrange it at least once a week most of the time its more than that. Here are some of the ways that I have styled it so far. 

Simple Fall Style

I love the colors of fall, and I love blue and white. Mixing them together makes perfect sense and I love the way that they all come together.

Football Tailgate

When Saturday comes around and College Football gets going, I don't move too far from the living room. Equip your cart with a few essentials so are ready for a day full of rivalries. Add some snacks and you are ready to go.

Ornament Decorating Station

So since I have been addicted to decorating these ornaments in preparation for Christmas, I have kept them close to me at all times so that I am ready to decorate when the inspiration hits. I created a post about making these and you can read that HERE.

Trick or Treat Ready

A bowl full or candy, a pumpkin and a trick or treat sign is the perfect way to prep your cart for Halloween. You can keep some candy just for yourself that you don't have to share with trick or treaters that might be coming your way.

Guest Bedroom Essentials

This bar cart is perfect to roll into your guest bedroom when guest are on their way. Stocked with blankets, water, coffee, reading material and all the things every guest would love to have on during their stay in your home.

What is your favorite way to style your bar cart?


  1. That pumpkin monogrammed koozie is so cute, I've never seen one like it before!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Love how you've styled these and what a genius idea to have it ready for guest room essentials!