Weekend Shopping: Barrington Totes

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The St. Anne Tote by Barrington Gifts is my go-to bag and I carry one of them almost every day. I have a blue and white stripe one and the black watch one. But, the top left one is on the top of my wish list recently. It is a little outside of my normal blue or navy totes, but I am in love!

Have y'all ever purchased a Barrington Tote? If not I highly recommend it, or put it on the top of your Christmas List!! They are very durable and they are the perfect size for your everyday needs.

Happy Weekend!

China Collection

I love a good set of china and I love a good table setting, but it seems that now a day the number of couples who register for china is constantly shrinking. Miss Janice's recent blogpost on china cabinets got me to thinking more and more about that. In our 3 years of marriage I have managed to collect 4 sets of china and I couldn't imagine not having china in our house!

When we first created our wedding registry, I knew that I wanted to register for china, but I never thought I would develop such a passion for china and creating table settings. My mom told me that when her and my dad registered Belk would set out full settings of china options for them to peruse and choose. Then they would set out their selection with a place card for everyone to see when they came to purchase items from their registry. 

I wish that Belk and other places still did that for engaged couples. They might inspire more couples to register for china.

Here are the 4 that I have collected:

Kate Spade Wickford

Here are some of the ways that I have used each of these China setting. I use Blue Willow pretty much daily along with Pottery Barn everyday China.

Spode Woodland from this Fall

Johnson Brothers Blue Willow table setting from a Bridal Shower

Spode Christmas Tree from Christmas 2014

What is your favorite China? Did you and your spouse register for China when you got married?

Blue and White Wednesday {No. 3}

I'm dreaming of a blue and white christmas! Well, let be honest, I am dreaming of blue and white every day. We are hosting a Christmas party for some my family's oldest and dearest friends, so I have been brainstorming and planning for my Christmas decor for the past few weeks. So if you follow me on Pinterest, you have been and will be seeing some major Christmas pinning!

Last weekend, I went to Marshall's to look for a birthday present for someone and I came out with all these goodies for myself! (Oops!!) I love fall and all the colors of fall, but I am struggling not get out some 

Sadly, this is the only good picture I have of my tree from last year but I did have some of a blue and white Christmas mixed with plaid. 

This is also some of the ribbon I found that I cannot wait to use on the tree and wreaths this year. 

Here is some of the inspiration that I have found for Christmas so far. I am still in search for the lamps in the bottom picture!!

Have y'all even started thinking about Christmas yet? If so, what are your plans and inspiration?

Fashion Faves Lately

Navy, plaid, striped and cable knit. This is my fall and winter wardrobe. I think my love of plaid comes from the 14 years I spent in private school. (In case you are trying to do the math....I went to a private preschool with uniforms too). 

Old Navy has been amazing lately especially with their fall items. Here are some of my recent favorites. The plaid poncho is perfect for the holidays. 

Old Navy is always running sales, so you are sure to find some great items at even greater prices.

Entryway Remade

It's complete! And I love it all.

This dresser makes 1 of only 5 pieces of furniture in our home that we purchased new, everything else is antique finds or handmade. And that is one of the things I love about out home, there is a story behind most of items in our home. I strive to makes my home feel like us. I don't want it feel like a model home.

Charleston holds a special place in our heart. That is where KJ got down on one knee and proposed to me over 4 years ago now. We also recently went back and visited over the summer and I fell more in love with the city than I ever had. And, since this city means so much to us, I wanted to bring part of it into our home.

Charleston Map: When I originally was looking for a map I was searched eBay and Etsy but all of the maps were so expensive especially for one of this size but then I found this map! I was drawn to this particular map mainly because of the color. I love the light blue.

I downloaded the map from here and I had it printed at Staples. I did a color engineer print, and for this size it only cost about $11. The map is huge coming in at 3 feet by 4 feet. My dad built the frame from some molding that we found at Lowes.

Here is what the entryway looked like last fall, and it is amazing to see how far its come.

Here is the entryway a few weeks ago, before the map went up.

Here are some the sources for the entryway: The lamps are Ralph Lauren Home that I got from Marshall's, the rug was from Goodwill but has a Shaw Flooring Tag on the back, the garden stool can be found here, the blue and white vases and jars are from antique and thrift stores, the curtains are made from Ikea fabric

Weekend Shopping: Coffee Table Books

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I love a good coffee table book! Here are some of my favorites. But, I do have to admit that my all time favorite coffee table book is our guest books from our wedding with photos from our engagement session.

Do you have any favorite coffee table books?

The Collected Home

One of my main goals in decorating my house is that I don't want it to feel generic or like a model home. I want it to feel collected and to feel like our home. I have spent hours combing thrift stores, goodwill and antique stores collecting so many of the items in my home, but I know not everyone has that ability or the time to do that. So I have put together some buyable online items that will help you achieve the same collected look in your home.

I am completely inspired by Jessie Short's Home Tour. Her home is such a beautiful and cohesive collection. This is what I aspire my home to be! I love her mix of the old and new, plus all of her blue and white!

Shop the post:

1. Charleston Map

Our entryway is almost complete! The only thing left to do is to get this giant map up on the wall. The frame is currently being made and I cannot wait to see how the color of the frame goes with the map and how it all comes together!! The map is about 4 ft by 3ft but we have a very tall entry so I am hoping it fills out the space very well.

2. DIY Christmas Ornaments

If you saw my post from Monday, you might have guessed that I am obsessed with making this ornaments now! It is almost calming when I am sitting and working on them. If you would like me to make you some please email me at 

3. TJ Maxx Feature

I am 110% blown away by this feature on TJ Maxx's Instagram. I have always loved shopping at TJ MAxx, Marshall's and Home Goods. It is such an honor to know that y'all enjoy seeing my pictures and my style of decorating. THANK YOU!!

I hope y'all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Blue and White Wednesday {No. 2}

I hope that y'all enjoyed last weeks Blue and White Wednesday. I enjoyed searching through Pinterest to find some more inspiration for this week! If you scroll through my Pinterest page, you might notice that most of my pins have some sort of blue and white in them.

Here are some of my favorite pins from this week!

These pins makes me want to go out and get some topiaries and blue and white pots to put them in!

There is a lot of blue and white throughout our home, and it hard to share just a few but here are some of my top favorite items currently.

Blue and white lamps

These lamps are probably my favorite blue and white item I have ever found a Marshalls! They are so versatile and can be used in many different rooms. I think they are have been used in 4 different rooms of our home so far!

Blue Willow China

China - Flatware - Glasses - Napkins

This is a snapshot from back in July from our stay at home anniversary dinner. (Yes I know the napkin is on the wrong side). I think this is my favorite photo to date of my Blue Willow.

Garden stool

Garden stools are easy to use in every room of your home and pull a room together so nicely.

What are some of your favorite blue and white pieces or rooms in your home? Share them on IG tag #AMAMBlueandWhite!