July Recap

With all the craziness that this summer has brought, blogging has sadly slipped to the back of my mind. I miss it and I have been making plans to get back into this space in August.

The first week of July, KJ and I took a trip to Charleston to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. We got engaged in Charleston in 2011, and we have been wanting to get back ever since. It was so much more beautiful than I remember it being!

On our actual anniversary we had a nice quiet dinner at home. Even though its just the 2 of us, I never skimp of setting a beautiful tablescpae.

My Magnolia tree has had so many blooms this month. I have loved clipping them and bringing them inside so that we can enjoy looking at them and smelling them!

All of my favorite magazines were perfect this month. I even found myself rereading them over and over again. Coastal Living, House Beautiful and Southern Living were among the best this month.

Where are my fellow Lilly planner users? I am so excited that the new planners started this week. I chose a different planner last year and I am so excited to be back to my Lilly planner. I chose the jumbo agenda and it has so much space. I write everything in my planner and I love having all the space back!

I hope y'all had a wonderful July and I cannot wait to see what August has in store!

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