We have been making some changes in and simplifying our master bedroom, and honestly I feel like I have been changing it up a lot especially since December, but I can finally say that I am in love with how it is looking right now. It is a room I never want to leave most of the time. 

I didn't like how my side of the bed looked, it was dark and cluttered, so one morning I put my mind to it and created a whole new space, and I am in love. We are still working on the rest of the space, but I am so excited that I wanted to share!

One of the best things about this new set up, is that I did not go out an purchase a single item. It was all stuff that I already had that was looking for a new home or a new purpose. 

The side table was a gift from my in-laws our first married christmas, it fits perfect in the space! Since there isn't any storage, I used 2 of my totes to create a place to hide things and also a place to display some of my favorite totes. [plus they match the space perfectly!]

Sometimes my laundry doesn't make it all the way to my closet and my hamper at the end of the day, so I brought one of the baskets out of my closet and set it next to the bed. This way my dirty clothes aren't all over the floor. All I have to do is add a pillow on top to cover the laundry when I don't want it to be seen. Bet you didn't know there was laundry in there!

HERE is the link for the basket. The only color on their website it a dark brown, but I was able to find the light brown in stores pretty recently. 

You can see a little peak of my Charleston, SC watercolor, from behind my laundry basket. KJ and I got engaged in Charleston, so it is a sweet reminder of that trip!

Funny story about this frame, I had purchased 2 of them to frame up some pictures for our living room. I got them in the frames perfectly and got them on the wall. I stepped back and the top one fell and broke and knocked the bottom one off too and messed it up. So, I had to order 2 more. I didn't want to let this one go to waste, so I hot glued the side that broke back together. It is not sturdy enough to hang on the wall, but it is perfect here on my side table. 

To mat the print, I cut the fabric a little larger than the backing of the frame. Then I wrapped it around the back and hot glued it around the edges. To attach the print, I just used some double sided tape to keep it in place and straight. 

I found our bedding at a TJ Maxx up in Tennessee. My husband thought I was crazy, but you can't pass up something you love at TJ and hope to find it again! But, our Euro shams can be found HERE

These lamps have been all over our house, but I think the have a found a good resting spot for now. I found these at Marshall's one night, and as soon as I saw them they went directly into my cart. 

I purchases 6 or 7 yards of this navy gingham fabric when I was prepping for the Blue and White Bridal Shower that I hosted a few weeks ago. I ended up having a ton of leftovers, so I made this pillow cover and used it as a mat for my Southern Wedding's vow print. It ties the space together and adds a simple, classic touch. 

I love having a live orchid next to my bed, it livens up the space. It has been over a month and I have still have killed it, fingers crossed it stays that way!! The Blue and White pot was a antique find.

I have tried to link as many items that I can find, but if you have a question about anything please let me know! I hope you love my new space as much as I do! 

Thanks y'all for coming by to visit.

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  1. I absolutely love how relaxing, yet polished your space looks-this is definitely the feeling that my fiance' and I are trying to convey in our master suite :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista