Weekend Recap

The last 2 weeks have been a crazy whirlwind so, late Thursday night, we made the decision to take Friday off and go on a weekend getaway. We looked around at places and we decided on Thomasville, GA.

We stayed at a cute little B&B a few blocks from the historic part of downtown Thomasville. Anytime we go somewhere, we try to stay at a B&B if possible. This house was built in 1908 and still had the original woodworking and beautiful details inside and out. 

How delicious does this french toast look? It was baked with pineapple on the bottom. It was amazing to say the least. 

We visited the Pebble Hill Plantation outside of Thomasville. It was simply beautiful. You couldn't take photos inside of the plantation home, but it was stunning. The original floors and molding and details were beautiful. If you are an avid sportsman, you would love to see the painting and art inside the home. 

Here are a few of the pictures of the outside and the grounds. If you want to see the photos of the inside of the house, you can see them on the Pebble Hill website HERE

We walked around downtown and spent hours going in and out of all the antique shops. I love these blue and white knobs that I found in a restroom in one of the stores.

 I didn't end up getting too much this weekend, but I love the pieces I was able to snag!

 I found the lab plate at an antique store, called A Different Drummer, it was full of sportsman collectables. I must say it was KJ's dream store.

PS- how cute is this chair!

There was a restaurant, called Liam's, in downtown that we went to. They had wonderful food, but they also had the most beautiful cotton garland around the outside of the door. 

Look at the details within this garland. I cannot imagine how much work went into making this, let alone the number of cotton stems that were used to make this. 

Thomasville is gearing up for its 95th annual rose festival, so there were rose bushes everywhere. We stopped at the rose garden and the adjacent park. 

I hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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