Gold Scalloped Vase

After Valentine's Day and my birthday, I had some extra vases lying around and I figured I would give them a little update. So, with some paint and tape I gave these vases a gold scalloped touch!

For this project, you will need:
- A Vase
- Painters tape, I used Frog Tape it seems to work better on paint lines
-Paint, be sure that it will work on glass

First, run 1 strip of tape around the vase a little above where you would like your scallops to come to. I did this so incase I got a little messy with the paint it wouldn't get on the top of the vase. Make sure you press the tape firmly against the glass to make sure it adheres well. 

Next, find something that you can trace that is close to the size that you want the scallops to be. For this vase, I used the paint bottle, and for the bigger vase I used a cap from a round gum container. 

Once you have the scallops traced, come back with your scissors and cut along the lines that your traced. Then apply that tape line under the first tape line. I overlapped the 2 lines slightly for extra protection from the paint bleeding. 

Cutting out the scallops was the hardest part, but its worth it for the finished product!

Then, just start painting! Since you can't really rough up glass like you can wood, I applied a very thin layer first and allowed it to dry to act as a rough surface for the rest of the coats to adhere to.

Let the paint dry, remove the tape and add flowers!

I hope you will make one or 2 two for yourself!

 photo 5b9d06ad-2cd5-4b0a-9a22-b9060fe749cb_zps265fpr7z.png

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