1. For the Blue Willow Lovers!

If you have been looking to add Blue Willow to your collection, but you don't have any antique store around you that have it, then you are in luck! Belk carries Blue Willow, and currently has all items on sale! Not all items are available online, and there are some items you can find in stores that aren't online. 

Also, how cute is this Blue Willow oven mitt!

** If you have antique Blue Willow and you are mixing it with the new Blue Willow it might not be the same size. Here is the old dinner plate (left) next to the new (right).**

2. Orchids

I love having an orchid in the house! KJ bought me a blue orchid back in December and I finally managed to kill it. It was beautiful!

So I broke down and got a new one for my office. It's smaller and is the perfect size to fit in my office. Now, lets hope I don't kill this one! Having an orchid in my office has also been motivation to start getting my office put together completely. Im working on getting some more artwork framed for my office this week too. Ill share it soon!

3. San Pellegrino

I have been trying to cut diet coke out of my diet as much as I can, and San Pellegrino has been a life saver. Blood Orange has been my favorite flavor so far. I took some with us on our trip to Thomasville last weekend.

4. Lilly for Target

Lilly for Target launches this weekend at a Target store near you, as well as Some stores have started to stock some of the items already! 

 photo 5b9d06ad-2cd5-4b0a-9a22-b9060fe749cb_zps265fpr7z.png

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  1. Did you manage to pick anything up from Lilly for Target, I love seeing people's hauls :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista