Weekend Recap.

Why is it that the weekend flies by so fast! I was not ready for this weekend to end! Thankfully, it was the first weekend of Spring, so beautiful, sunny days are soon to come! I love all the bright colors of spring, it makes the long cold dreary winter days worth it. If winter wasn't so bad, then we wouldn't enjoy spring so much, right?

Our yellow rose bush has started to bloom again this year. These roses tend to not last very long, but they are very pretty to look at. 

My easter dress arrived on Friday, so I have been trying to decide how to accessorize it! I still cannot believe that March is almost over!

Saturday, was a action packed day! First of all, it was Anthro day at Anthropologie! I didn't get to make it to the store, but I defiantly did some damage from the Anthro app. 

I think I am most excited to get my Colossal Volcano Candle. (bottom one) It is huge! We go through candles in our house like crazy, so I hope that this one will last us for a while!

We also went and saw American Sniper. I thought it was a very good movie, and actually better than I thought it would be! After the movies, we did a little early celebrating for KJs birthday! Its never too early to have cake right?

On Sunday, to continue the celebration theme, I make KJ's favorite breakfast! It is bacon, egg and cheese wrapped up into crescent rolls. 

Get the recipe here.

Towel // Plates // Straw

To end the weekend, we took the pups on a car ride. Oakley is one car ride lovin' dachshund! He loves to hang his head out the window, and thankfully he hasn't ever tired to jump out.

I hope that you had a good weekend, Friends! May your Monday be short and your coffee strong!

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