Oh Friday! I look forward to Friday each week, it means that a couple days of rest are near. Sometimes I wonder why the work week can't be 2 days and the weekend by 5? That would be pretty nice, don't you think? I am ready to have a couple days to unwind, snuggle and watch too much TV.

1: Empire 

KJ started watching this show on demand, and then he got me hooked on it a few episodes in. It is pretty good, better than what I expected it to be. So, if you have watched it, there is a song called Conqueror in one of the episodes and I cannot stop listening to it!

2: Gold Flatware
Our everyday flatware is starting to look worn, since we use it so much, and it seems like we have less and less forks by the day.... So I have been on the lookout for some new flatware to eventually replace it with. Here are a few of my favorites that I've found.

I think the West Elm one are my favorite so far, I love the simple clean lines of them. 

3: Doxie Alert!

I was working on the blog post for Monday, and trying to find the link to my china to include in the post when I came across the new accent plates for this season. Shut the front door! I almost fell out of my chair! How cute are these! I think I need these! Oakley wants them. Good excuse right?

one // two // three // four

When I got married, the accent plate that was out at the time was a red and navy stripe plate. They also carry the striped accent plate in green as well. I used my red accent plates for my memorial day tablescape, you can see it HERE

4: Spring Nails

A few weeks a go, I went through and purged a lot of old nail polish that I had, but now that spring is here, I need to replenish my supply with some new colors! Essie has some adorable new spring colors, and rumor has it that they are also doing some colors for Lilly for Target! Lilly for Target launches on April 19th, in stores and online. Get more deets HERE.

Essie Spring 2015 Mini Set

5: Anthro Day

My Anthro day purchase are starting to arrive and I am so excited! One item is on backorder, but they should be ready soon. I think I will end up getting 5 or 6 packages for one order. Its like christmas. But I think our mailman might think I'm crazy.


  1. Cute china and after redoing our dining room, I want gold flatware as well. But my word, why must it be so expensive?!

  2. I love that gold flatware, so chic! And those Doxie plates, etc. are to die for, my doxie Coco wants them as well ;)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista