I finally got my hands on a pair of the gold J. Crew New Balance tennies!! They are even better than I excepted them to be. I joke and told KJ that these are my cool mom sneakers, no I am not pregnant, but it sounded like a good reason to get these! Plus I can be a cool dog mom, right?

I have not had to break them in at all, they have been comfortable from the first time that I put them on! I also like the amount of support in them, I feel like I could walk around Disney World in them.

If you are little unsure of the color when you look at them online, I found that they are a little different of a color in person. The gold is a little brighter than the online pictures show. Personally I love that they are brighter.

I could have hugged the mailman when the doorbell rang, and it took me about a 30 seconds to get the box open and the shoes on!

I have wider feet so I sized up from my normal size and I love the way that they fit. I have plenty of room to wear them with or without socks. 

Along with these new beauties, here are some of my favorite J. Crew items right now. I most certainly have spring and summer fever!
I fell in love with these earring the moment I saw them! There is also a matching necklace, if you aren't an earring person. 

I love all the one pieces! They aren't all ugly or black anymore. I even prefer a one piece most of the time, mainly because I am very um... blessed... I feel like these keep the girls in place better.

Left // Middle // Right

Sadly most sizes are sold out online, so if your size is in stock you better order them before they are all gone!

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  1. So glad you grabbed up a pair of those gold tennis shoes! Can you ever go wrong with gold? I think not my friend, I think not.

    Happy Wednesday!