Easter Tablescape

Before I even start this post, I will warn you, I went a little overboard on the photos! So, if you don't want to scroll through a lot of photos then this post is not for you

When I started thinking about the decor for this Easter, I had no idea where to start. I took the white candlesticks (similar) down from the mantle to clean it, and then the inspiration hit me.

I made the gingham napkins out of some old fabric, but here are some similar options
one // two // three // four

Table // Chairs // Bench was a DIY ( Similar // Similar ) 

Bunny Garland ( Similar )

I hope that your Easter preparations are coming along very well! I cannot believe that this week starts April! Before, I know it we will be talking about christmas again!

Oh Friday! I look forward to Friday each week, it means that a couple days of rest are near. Sometimes I wonder why the work week can't be 2 days and the weekend by 5? That would be pretty nice, don't you think? I am ready to have a couple days to unwind, snuggle and watch too much TV.

1: Empire 

KJ started watching this show on demand, and then he got me hooked on it a few episodes in. It is pretty good, better than what I expected it to be. So, if you have watched it, there is a song called Conqueror in one of the episodes and I cannot stop listening to it!

2: Gold Flatware
Our everyday flatware is starting to look worn, since we use it so much, and it seems like we have less and less forks by the day.... So I have been on the lookout for some new flatware to eventually replace it with. Here are a few of my favorites that I've found.

I think the West Elm one are my favorite so far, I love the simple clean lines of them. 

3: Doxie Alert!

I was working on the blog post for Monday, and trying to find the link to my china to include in the post when I came across the new accent plates for this season. Shut the front door! I almost fell out of my chair! How cute are these! I think I need these! Oakley wants them. Good excuse right?

one // two // three // four

When I got married, the accent plate that was out at the time was a red and navy stripe plate. They also carry the striped accent plate in green as well. I used my red accent plates for my memorial day tablescape, you can see it HERE

4: Spring Nails

A few weeks a go, I went through and purged a lot of old nail polish that I had, but now that spring is here, I need to replenish my supply with some new colors! Essie has some adorable new spring colors, and rumor has it that they are also doing some colors for Lilly for Target! Lilly for Target launches on April 19th, in stores and online. Get more deets HERE.

Essie Spring 2015 Mini Set

5: Anthro Day

My Anthro day purchase are starting to arrive and I am so excited! One item is on backorder, but they should be ready soon. I think I will end up getting 5 or 6 packages for one order. Its like christmas. But I think our mailman might think I'm crazy.

Coconut Green Tea.

With summer coming near, the smell of coconut is in the air. This is one of my favorite drinks for summer and really anytime of the year. I first had this concoction at my local grocery store, and I fell in love. So I had to make some for myself and it was super simple

All you will need is green Tea bags, coconut extract and water. Simply brew the green tea and allow to chill, then add coconut extra to taste. Pour and serve!

This coconut green tea is perfect for your poolside parties, brunches and even for bridal showers!

Enjoy and dream of summer!
Since I work from home, I use my desk everyday and because I use it everyday, it tends to get a little, um, messy. Well really a lot messy. The new Spring season has got me in the mood for spring cleaning and thinking about fun new things for my desk!

I love the Nate Burkes and Threshold collections at Target. There are so many fun gold pieces that brighten up any desk. Here are some of my current favorite items at Target now! 

The Smith and Hawken galvanized wall organizer is great for mail and papers and that need a home up off your desk. 
I use an Anthropologie monogrammed mug to keep all my pens and pencils in on my desk. It is the perfect size to be able to keep an assortment of pens in. I love to write in all kinds of different colors for different occasions so the mug is perfect!

Happy Wednesday, Friends! To see more of my home head on over here


I finally got my hands on a pair of the gold J. Crew New Balance tennies!! They are even better than I excepted them to be. I joke and told KJ that these are my cool mom sneakers, no I am not pregnant, but it sounded like a good reason to get these! Plus I can be a cool dog mom, right?

I have not had to break them in at all, they have been comfortable from the first time that I put them on! I also like the amount of support in them, I feel like I could walk around Disney World in them.

If you are little unsure of the color when you look at them online, I found that they are a little different of a color in person. The gold is a little brighter than the online pictures show. Personally I love that they are brighter.

I could have hugged the mailman when the doorbell rang, and it took me about a 30 seconds to get the box open and the shoes on!

I have wider feet so I sized up from my normal size and I love the way that they fit. I have plenty of room to wear them with or without socks. 

Along with these new beauties, here are some of my favorite J. Crew items right now. I most certainly have spring and summer fever!
I fell in love with these earring the moment I saw them! There is also a matching necklace, if you aren't an earring person. 

I love all the one pieces! They aren't all ugly or black anymore. I even prefer a one piece most of the time, mainly because I am very um... blessed... I feel like these keep the girls in place better.

Left // Middle // Right

Sadly most sizes are sold out online, so if your size is in stock you better order them before they are all gone!

Weekend Recap.

Why is it that the weekend flies by so fast! I was not ready for this weekend to end! Thankfully, it was the first weekend of Spring, so beautiful, sunny days are soon to come! I love all the bright colors of spring, it makes the long cold dreary winter days worth it. If winter wasn't so bad, then we wouldn't enjoy spring so much, right?

Our yellow rose bush has started to bloom again this year. These roses tend to not last very long, but they are very pretty to look at. 

My easter dress arrived on Friday, so I have been trying to decide how to accessorize it! I still cannot believe that March is almost over!

Saturday, was a action packed day! First of all, it was Anthro day at Anthropologie! I didn't get to make it to the store, but I defiantly did some damage from the Anthro app. 

I think I am most excited to get my Colossal Volcano Candle. (bottom one) It is huge! We go through candles in our house like crazy, so I hope that this one will last us for a while!

We also went and saw American Sniper. I thought it was a very good movie, and actually better than I thought it would be! After the movies, we did a little early celebrating for KJs birthday! Its never too early to have cake right?

On Sunday, to continue the celebration theme, I make KJ's favorite breakfast! It is bacon, egg and cheese wrapped up into crescent rolls. 

Get the recipe here.

Towel // Plates // Straw

To end the weekend, we took the pups on a car ride. Oakley is one car ride lovin' dachshund! He loves to hang his head out the window, and thankfully he hasn't ever tired to jump out.

I hope that you had a good weekend, Friends! May your Monday be short and your coffee strong!