Valentine's Table for Two.

After KJ and I got married, we decided to skip the restaurants on Valentine's Day and instead stay home and make dinner together. It is one of my favorite things that we do each Valentine's, so I like to set the table up all pretty for us each year.

I love creating tablescapes, it is literally one of my favorite things I love to do in my home! The table is the place for everyone to sit down and gather together, so I love to make that space beautiful. I am hosting a baby shower later this month, and I have already started working on the tablescape for that too!

This candle holder, is one of my favorite thrift/antique pieces that I have ever found. It could use another coat of paint but I love it!

Tulips mean that spring is coming!! I cannot wait. I hope that you have a wonderful Valentines Day this weekend. Do you have any special Valentines traditions that you follow? My dad makes a flower arrangement for me each year and bring it to me!

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  1. Beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful tradition. What great memories you're making!