Valentine's Day With May Designs.

I struggle with finding the perfect card for my husband, for most occasions, especially Valentine's Day! But when I found out that May Designs created single purchase cards, I knew my Valentine card search was over!

I love the products that May Designs offers, and I have used their notebooks for a while. This is the first cards that I have purchased and I am blown away by how much I love it, not to mention how easy it was to create and customize!

I shared about May Designs before here, when I shared with y'all what was in my bag. I keep my budget journal, and a lined journal in my bag with me. The lined journal is great for writing down anything, from to-do lists to random thought that come into your head in the middle of the night!

Bag: Barrington Totes // Wallet: Dooney and Bourke // Sunglasses: Ray Bans // Glasses: Warby Parker // Key Fob: Smathers and Branson // Make-up Bag: Ralph Lauren

So, without further a do, here is my 2015 Valentine's Day card for May Designs:



The template that I started out with is this one. I loved that it said I Love Us! When were first got married we were at a marriage retreat with our church and one of the things was not just to love each other, but to love us, and being together and doing things together. We also have that saying hanging on the wall in our master.

The great thing about May Designs, is that you can customize the pattern, font, and color  and the wording on all of their cards! They will even mail it to someone for you! I cannot wait for KJ to see it! I might have to frame it.

This is KJ's favorite photo from our wedding, we have it framed in color above our mantel. 

I love that you can add a personalized note on the back, or you can add pictures or even leave it blank. It makes the card making process so easy! 

Valentines Day is on Saturday! Have you started getting ready for it yet? What is your favorite part?

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  1. So sweet, I had never thought of making a personalized card like this! I'll have to bookmark this idea for Valentine's Day next year :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista