New Life, Old Coffee Table

The coffee table in our living room was a $9.99 steal that we found at a thrift store. It is a sold wood table, but it has been beaten up by its previous owner. There were knicks and gouges all over the top of the the table. Some of them were so deep that I figured that I would never be able to get them out, so I gave it a light sanding and painted it white. A couple weeks back, the paint started to peel on the top of the table, so KJ and I started sanding it so it could either be repainted or re-stained. Little did we know how pretty the wood was when you really sanded it down!!

Here is what the table looked like before. The white was great, but it was hard to keep clean and all the knicks in the top were driving me crazy! Plus the paint has started to peel in one spot and then I made it worse by peeling it back even more....

We are a feet-on-the-coffee-table kind of family, and with a black dog that sheds a lot it was hard to keep this white super clean. So, I am actually thankful that it stared to peel!

It took us 4 days, and probably 30 sanding discs to get the table sanded down. We left the white paint in the detail work so that you can really see it! My original thought was to stain it once we got it sanded, but now I cant bring myself to stain it because of how beautiful the wood is!

I am in love with how the table turned out. I never thought it would look so good. The previous owners of the table had put wood putty over all of the knots in the wood so you couldn't see the dark beautiful marks. Seeing those places restored was probably my favorite part!!

Can you believe that this is the same table?? Gosh! I still have times where I am so amazed when I walk int the living room. Yes, I know I sound crazy, but I love how this project turned out. I never thought it would look anything like this. 

I love how the white paint looks in all the detail work. It really makes it pop and shows off the craftsmanship of this table!

While we are checking out this room.... Did y'all see my recent post on IG about my birthday sign from Between you and me signs? I love it! My parents gifted me the sign for my birthday, but we were late ordering it, and with the 4 week production time I never thought I would get it in time for my birthday.  It ended up coming the day after my birthday. Hey, Ill take that!!

My Valentines tulips were still in full bloom when it arrived, and I had it hung within 30 minutes. I was that excited about it. 

The sign fills out the room and makes it look so much bigger!

"R"- Hobby Lobby
Sign- Between You and Me Signs
Coffee Table- Thrift Find
Galvanized Tray- Target
Pillows- Pottery Barn, Belk, and Ashley Home Furniture
Lamp- Target

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  1. I love your living room! The table looks so cute all sanded down to it's original glory, totally worth all of the hard work, right?

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista