Five Target Finds.

I have found a lot of good stuff at target lately! One of the items has been out of stock for about 6 months or more, and I was elated when they came back in stock recently! I also got some target gift cards for my birthday, so it worked out perfectly. 

Um, seriously how cute is this!! I found it online one day while browsing around the website looking for a totally unrelated rug! It is very soft and nice to stand on while I am doing dishes. It is an online only item, so if you like you have to get it online.

And, to keep the lemon theme going, I keep the kitchen stocked with JR Watkins lemon scented products. They smell amazing!!

Let's be honest, I have to contain myself when it comes to most of Target's Smith and Hawken items. In fact 3 of the 5 items in the post are Smith and Hawken. This tray is the perfect size for my coffee table, and goes great with my giant "R" in the living room.

So, heres a bouns 6th find, but not from Target- This candle is a Burt's Bees candle. Its a soy candle and burns clean and let me tell you, the smell is amazing! I found it at Walmart of all places! They aren't available on Burt's Bees website that I can find, so head to your nearest Walmart before they are all gone! Fresh Cut Fern is my favorite scent. I have 3 of that one scent... oops!

This tiered tray is perfect for so many different uses! I currently have it in my kitchen, holding cookbooks, salt and pepper, some goodies and other fun items! I had it in my entryway during Valentines, but now its moved.

Its is perfect for storing your pretty easter candy in mason jars too! I accidentally hid them from KJ when I put them on the tray. He was looking all over the kitchen for them. Guess I found my new hiding spot!

I used to have a clear hook on the front door, but it broke under the hot Florida summer heat, so I used a shiny silver one, but I still didn't like it on our front door. But, the other night, KJ and I were browsing the isles of Target and I found this galvanized one. At only $9.99 you really can't beat it!

boxwood wreath tutorial here

These chairs.... I have been trying to get them since I got my bar stools over a year ago, but the Sandstone color has been out of stock online and its not sold in stores. They finally came back in stock and I got 4 of them, but then once I got them in the dining room and got them together I realized I needed 5, but they were already sold out again. Thankfully a few days late there were some more that came in stock and I was able to get one more set.

They came just in time for the baby shower that I hosted in my home last weekend!! There are still other colors available, just not the sandstone. 

What are some of your best Target finds? The hashtag is very true #targetdoesitagain


  1. This girl right here loves Target! My idea of the perfect date night always includes a pit stop at one of our local Targets! I'm loving all of your Target finds. I've been lusting after one of those galvanized letters from Hobby Lobby but wasn't sure how to tie it into our decor but thanks to this post, I'm pretty sure I've got some ideas now! And those chairs. I love them. I just purchased four for our dining room and was considering purchasing two more until my husband said they looked to short for our table. I shared pictures on my blog post today. I'd love to hear your feedback about what you think (

  2. I am obsessed with Target...I cannot go in there without coming out with at least one home decor item! I'm going to have to find one of those two-tiered trays, that is SO cute & would look so good in my kitchen :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista