Five Target Finds.

I have found a lot of good stuff at target lately! One of the items has been out of stock for about 6 months or more, and I was elated when they came back in stock recently! I also got some target gift cards for my birthday, so it worked out perfectly. 

Um, seriously how cute is this!! I found it online one day while browsing around the website looking for a totally unrelated rug! It is very soft and nice to stand on while I am doing dishes. It is an online only item, so if you like you have to get it online.

And, to keep the lemon theme going, I keep the kitchen stocked with JR Watkins lemon scented products. They smell amazing!!

Let's be honest, I have to contain myself when it comes to most of Target's Smith and Hawken items. In fact 3 of the 5 items in the post are Smith and Hawken. This tray is the perfect size for my coffee table, and goes great with my giant "R" in the living room.

So, heres a bouns 6th find, but not from Target- This candle is a Burt's Bees candle. Its a soy candle and burns clean and let me tell you, the smell is amazing! I found it at Walmart of all places! They aren't available on Burt's Bees website that I can find, so head to your nearest Walmart before they are all gone! Fresh Cut Fern is my favorite scent. I have 3 of that one scent... oops!

This tiered tray is perfect for so many different uses! I currently have it in my kitchen, holding cookbooks, salt and pepper, some goodies and other fun items! I had it in my entryway during Valentines, but now its moved.

Its is perfect for storing your pretty easter candy in mason jars too! I accidentally hid them from KJ when I put them on the tray. He was looking all over the kitchen for them. Guess I found my new hiding spot!

I used to have a clear hook on the front door, but it broke under the hot Florida summer heat, so I used a shiny silver one, but I still didn't like it on our front door. But, the other night, KJ and I were browsing the isles of Target and I found this galvanized one. At only $9.99 you really can't beat it!

boxwood wreath tutorial here

These chairs.... I have been trying to get them since I got my bar stools over a year ago, but the Sandstone color has been out of stock online and its not sold in stores. They finally came back in stock and I got 4 of them, but then once I got them in the dining room and got them together I realized I needed 5, but they were already sold out again. Thankfully a few days late there were some more that came in stock and I was able to get one more set.

They came just in time for the baby shower that I hosted in my home last weekend!! There are still other colors available, just not the sandstone. 

What are some of your best Target finds? The hashtag is very true #targetdoesitagain

Twenty-Four Years.

I still can't believe that last week I celebrated my 24th birthday. It seems like just yesterday, I was celebrating my 19th birthday with my boyfriend who would eventually become my husband just 2 and a half years later. I think back to when I was 21 and saying "I Do" and thinking how lucky I was to marry this man. Ive been wife for over 2 and a half years now and my how things have changed in just a few short years. I guess a lot of the change that I am feeling is simply just the change of growing up and growing older. I have found myself slowing down and craving simplicity.  

The biggest change that I have noticed is with my home. 3 years ago if you would have asked me to describe my dream home for our newlywed years, I would have told you that I would want to build a home in a new neighborhood and be 5 feet from my neighbor and live that suburban lifestyle. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting this life and this home. Today if you asked me what I wanted in a home, I would tell you that I would love nothing more than lots of land! I would love to not see my neighbors, I want to have a place to run around with my dogs and one day my children, Lord willing. I want room for a garden and room to gather together with family and friends.

Thankfully, The Lord knew that my heart would change, and he placed our current home in our path. It has land, it has space. Yes, I can see my neighbor, but it still gives us room to live and love. Isn't amazing to look back and see how God directs your path now, to set you up for your future. I used to despise living so far out of town, and having so much land. Now, looking out at our yard while writing this post, I am happy and content. I find rest and peace in my home. 

For my birthday, my parents gifted me a sign from Between You and Me Signs that says: "Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can't help but communicate. And if we had more room in between us, think of all we'd miss. Love grows best in litter houses just like this." This quote truly speaks to my heart and my desire for our home and family.

A lot has changed in my heart over the past year, my desires, my hopes for the future, my overall interest have changed. Part of me is nervous about the change, but the other part of me realizes that if I don't change I will never be able to grow into the women the Lord has for me to become. I like to think that I live more simply now. I enjoy the fresh air and space around me and I don't crave a full schedule and not a moment of rest. 

I love that I can change and be myself with my husband by my side. He truly is my best friend, and my biggest cheerleader. He has faith in me, even when I have no faith in myself. 

Saying I Do to him almost 3 years ago was the best decision that I have made so far in my life.

The funny thing, is that our wedding was simple, rustic and was a time to spend with family and friends, and that is what I truly strive for in my life and home. Simple, a little rustic, and a place to gather with loved ones.

So, heres to another year, full of love and family. I am so blessed for all of those who read this blog and who follow along with me and my journey of life. Thank you!!

New Life, Old Coffee Table

The coffee table in our living room was a $9.99 steal that we found at a thrift store. It is a sold wood table, but it has been beaten up by its previous owner. There were knicks and gouges all over the top of the the table. Some of them were so deep that I figured that I would never be able to get them out, so I gave it a light sanding and painted it white. A couple weeks back, the paint started to peel on the top of the table, so KJ and I started sanding it so it could either be repainted or re-stained. Little did we know how pretty the wood was when you really sanded it down!!

Here is what the table looked like before. The white was great, but it was hard to keep clean and all the knicks in the top were driving me crazy! Plus the paint has started to peel in one spot and then I made it worse by peeling it back even more....

We are a feet-on-the-coffee-table kind of family, and with a black dog that sheds a lot it was hard to keep this white super clean. So, I am actually thankful that it stared to peel!

It took us 4 days, and probably 30 sanding discs to get the table sanded down. We left the white paint in the detail work so that you can really see it! My original thought was to stain it once we got it sanded, but now I cant bring myself to stain it because of how beautiful the wood is!

I am in love with how the table turned out. I never thought it would look so good. The previous owners of the table had put wood putty over all of the knots in the wood so you couldn't see the dark beautiful marks. Seeing those places restored was probably my favorite part!!

Can you believe that this is the same table?? Gosh! I still have times where I am so amazed when I walk int the living room. Yes, I know I sound crazy, but I love how this project turned out. I never thought it would look anything like this. 

I love how the white paint looks in all the detail work. It really makes it pop and shows off the craftsmanship of this table!

While we are checking out this room.... Did y'all see my recent post on IG about my birthday sign from Between you and me signs? I love it! My parents gifted me the sign for my birthday, but we were late ordering it, and with the 4 week production time I never thought I would get it in time for my birthday.  It ended up coming the day after my birthday. Hey, Ill take that!!

My Valentines tulips were still in full bloom when it arrived, and I had it hung within 30 minutes. I was that excited about it. 

The sign fills out the room and makes it look so much bigger!

"R"- Hobby Lobby
Sign- Between You and Me Signs
Coffee Table- Thrift Find
Galvanized Tray- Target
Pillows- Pottery Barn, Belk, and Ashley Home Furniture
Lamp- Target

Baby Shower.

This weekend I hosted a baby shower in my home, for a sweet friend who is having a baby girl! I loved planning the shower and I love having people in my home, not to mention all the pink was also lovely! It is amazing to me the energy and motivation I get from having people in my home and appreciating the design and decor of my home. 

I focus on all the details, and I was so thankful that everyone noticed and appreciated the details and all the work I put into the shower. 

We had a "guest book" in the entry way, so that all the guests could leave a little note in a baby book for the new arrival!

In the entryway, I also had Strawberry Cucumber bites. They were a huge hit and so easy to make!

It was a small shower, so we were all able to sit around the table and enjoy brunch together and talk.

The flavor tea bar was a huge hit! We had strawberry puree, lemonade and peach mango that you could add to your sweet tea for a little something extra!

I brought the pink chair out of my office, so that the mom-to-be could open her gifts in a pink chair!

The desserts were on the coffee table, so that the guests could enjoy them while the gifts were being opened. It worked out perfectly!

I had such a wonderful time planning and hosting this shower. It was such a wonderful time for mothers and daughters to come together and celebrate a new life that is about to join the family!

My dream would be to one day own my own business as an interior designer, or as a party planner. People have told me that I have the gene for it and that I should pray about starting my own business. KJ has also been very supportive of my dream, but we both know that I can't just quit my day job. The idea of starting my own business in interior design has been weighing heavy on my heart since the shower, and maybe one day my dream will become a reality. 

Happy Monday, friends!!

DIY Boxwood Wreath.

I haven't really had a wreath up on our front door since christmas, sad isn't it? I have had my eye on a boxwood wreath from Target, but I didn't want to spend $50 on a wreath when I have tons of boxwoods in my yard! So, I took the DIY route and made myself one!

What you will need: 1 vine/stick wreath, boxwood clippings, a hot glue gun

First thing that you will need to do, is go out and clip yourself some boxwood stems!

Once you have all the boxwood clippings gathered together, weave them into the wreath. You can add more or less depending on how full you want it to be and how much you want to see wreath underneath.

This is what the wreath looked like before I got started. It is actually the same wreath that I used for one of my cotton wreaths this past fall!

My kitchen was a complete mess! I ended up vacuuming everything, including the countertops!

Any pieces that are sticking out too much or that did want to stay in place, I just used a glue gun to secure them.

I told you it was a mess didn't I? Now, the process was a little time consuming, but it was well worth the time and effort. 

It is the perfect size to fill the door, and it makes me very ready for spring!

I worked on the wreath while some other yard work was being done. I don't mind getting out of pressure washing the pool deck if it means I am making a wreath. KJ always says how much he likes my wreaths and how good they make the front porch look! Well, I can't let him down!

So, I have a confession... We hadn't cut our boxwoods in over a year, so that is why we had some much extra to make stuff with! Here are a couple other ways I used some of the clippings in the house. 

Tray: Target // Coffee Table: Vintage Find // Candle: Target

I love the look of fresh greens or flowers in a home. It gives new life to your space! You don't have to spend tons of money on flowers to make your house look beautiful!