Dog House

Well when I was looking though my iPhone photos to share this week, I noticed that I had pretty much nothing but photos of my dogs. Yes, I am a crazy dog mom. These 2 are literally best friends, and it cracks me up sometimes to see the way these 2 snuggle and hang out together.

We took the pups on a Jeep ride and then on a mini hike. They loved it, Oakley kept trying to run off into the wood and in to the river.

He looks guilty here, doesn't he?

I can't say no to these faces, when they lay up on the couch and look at you its almost impossible. 

They never leave my side, never...even when I leave the room they are at the door waiting for me to come back out.

In non-dog related news, one of the trees in our front yard is finally loosing its leaves and I just had to go out an take a picture in all the leaves.

I hope that y'all are having a wonderful week so far! To those up north, I hope that you are staying warm in all the cold weather!

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