Rolled Book Page Wreath

Yesterday I shared how to make one of the book page wreathes from my Fall Home Tour, so today I thought I would share the other.

This wreath is originally why I tore up a book, then when I had left over pages, I made the pom pom wreath, covered some mini pumpkins and wrapped some letters in the remaining pages.

Here is what you will need to make the rolled book page wreath:

-Book Pages
-A Paper Plate
-Hot Glue

Yes, you read that right, you will need a paper plate. You can't tell huh?

 Start rolling up the pages (I rolled them length wise) and glueing them to the outside of the plate. 

Since this plate has a large lip on it, I glue the first set of book pages to the lip and the rest to the inside of the plate.

Keep adding pages around the rim, and also go back and fill in the gaps by layering a page in between 2 pages

Then start adding another layer in the plate and add pages around the whole plate, filling in gaps as needed. Keep doing this until you get all the way to the middle filled in. ( I made the pages shorter as I got closer to the middle )

In the middle of the wreath, I added poms from my pom pom wreath. Then I hot glued a cluster of them to the middle to fill in hole.

See the full tutorial here.

Once you are done and all the glue is good and dry, flip it over. I glued both ends of a piece of twine to the back so that I had a place to hang the wreath.

Hang it up, and your done!

If you decide to make one, please share it with me!! 

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