Pom Pom Book Page Wreath

After I made the first wreath made from book pages, I still had plenty of left over pages, and I didn't want them to go to waste. From that came the pom pom wreath. It took much longer than the first wreath, but in the end it was well worth it. I love it! Im thinking of making a silver one for christmas.

Here is the first wreath that I made, I'll share a tutorial on that soon!

The book that I used was roughly 350 pages long, and I used every single page through all my crafting projects.

What you need to make the pom pom wreath:
1. A Book
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Scissors
4. Double sided tape
5. Metal wreath frame

** I used the double sided tape to keep the pom poms curled up, you can also use hot glue or regular tape **

Ready? Lets GO!

Step 1: Fold the paper length wise. At first I only did one page at a time then I added a few more as I got more comfortable

Step 2: Use your scissors to cut strips, do not cut all the way through

Step 3. Add a small piece of double sided tape to each end

Step 4: Roll the page up into a pom pom

Now repeat about another 75 times!

Before I started adding the glue I would put them on so make sure they filled it in enough. Each section of the wreath has about 13 pom poms.

Then I started hot glueing the pom poms to the metal wreath. I would place a strip of hot glue all around the pom pom right where the cuts I made stopped. Then put in through the openings and let the hot glue adhere to the page.

My hand would get tired, so I would rotate between hot gluing and cutting, so I had a basket for all the pom poms. 

I used it on my desk for a while until I found some ribbon to hang it up with. Now it is hanging in my office on my chalkboard.

Once I found the deer head, I thought it would be a prefect addition for fall!

To see how to make this chalkboard, head here.

Now, go grab a book and your hot glue gun and get your pom pom on!!

Ribbon and Dear Head- Michael's

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