Just A Girl and Her Chair

You might already know this, but I am constantly redecorating and trying new things in our home. From that comes a mind that also seems like its constantly running. My ideas come at the worst possible moments sometimes. Most of my best ideas come at night... and I'm not a nocturnal person. 

So the other night about 10:30 pm while watching TV, in true great idea fashion, an idea popped into my head. We have this dead space in our family room that I have been looking to fill, and we have this chair that has been moved from room to room looking for a home recently. Put 2 and 2 together and we have my newest project. 

I bought this chair about 2 years ago, for $5. At the time it was used as a chair for my desk that I had in my old office. After I moved offices, and got a new chair it has been floating around looking for a new home. Since I don't have too much invested in the chair, I'm not afraid to change it up and see how it looks.

The only updating I did when I first got the chair was to replace the fabric that was on it, but I kept the color the same. Since I have some leftover fabric from our new curtains, and an extra can of white spray paint laying around I thought why not put them to good use!

The buffalo check fabric from Ikea has got to be my favorite fabrics ever. It is neutral, yet it makes a statement, and using a pop of it on this chair really ties the curtains into the family room.

First, I had to disassemble to seat from the chair and give it a good sanding. This is the key to having any good DIY project. If you don't clean, sand and prep your item well then you wont have a lasting beautiful piece.

Next, I applied thin coats of the the white spray paint letting it dry and hour or so in between coats.

Meanwhile, I worked on the recovering of the seat. the fabric that I put on here was left over from our wedding and matches the fabric from an arm chair that is now in our formal living room.

I laid out the fabric on top of the cushion and made sure I had a little extra fabric around the edges to secure it to the back of the seat. Then, before I cut the fabric, I made sure that the fabric was square and that I liked the way that the pattern was laid out.

After I cut the fabric, I ironed it to get out all the wrinkles. Don't want a wrinkled chair!

To secure the fabric, I used hot glue. I did this is stages to make sure it was pulled just the right way. Now the seat it ready to be connected to the chair!

Put it together, add some decor and just like that the space is filled and one of my old pieces has new meaning! Here is a before and after.

It is truly amazing what some fabric, a can of spray paint and a forgotten chair can do to a space! Do you have a forgotten piece that you can you breath new life into? 


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