Fall Craziness + Barrington Totes

Well, I have been absent from this space for over a week now. Every time I sit down to post, I loose my inspiration. I even had a schedule of posts planned out, but I failed to get them posted! So here is an overview of the past couple weeks of my life through my iPhone screen.

Even though it isn't quite cool here yet, I decided to start pulling out my cable knits and transitioning my closet from summer to fall.

I have been in a rut overall lately, so I am trying overcoming it by making a schedule and drinking more water and less Diet Coke.

The green tea cancels out the cinnamon rolls, right?

The past few days have been beautiful, so I had most of windows open in the house to let in the cool air. It was divine!

Plus it has been cool enough to break out some vests! This Vineyard Vines vest is one of my favorites! {Vest- Similar}

KJR and I decided to rearrange the furniture in our living room again. We really like this set up and we have actually been spending more time in here.

I was looking through these photos, and there is one thing that seems to be in a lot of them. That is my Barrington Tote. I got it as a gift from KJR for our anniversary in July, and I am in love. It is a perfect size for whatever you may need it for. 

The tote is made with exceptional quality and you can customize the colors and patterns that you want. You can also add your monogram for only $5 more. 

I have my eye on a St. Anne Tote in Black Watch Plaid for my next purchase. It is perfect for fall. 

I highly recommend this tote for anyone who is in the market for a nice tote that you can use for everything you do. It has 4 interior pockets, including one that has a zipper. 

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