Coffee Table Craziness

There are times that I feel like I change up our coffee table decor as often as I do laundry. I cannot seem to settle on how I want to style it. I'll have this super cute idea, and then once I'm done and I sit down, I realize that I can no longer see the entire TV and that I have to raise the remote 3 feet in the air so that the signal reaches the box. This actually happened to my most current styling of our coffee table. About 2 days after I had it decorated, my husband tells me that he can't see the TV, so it begins again, what to do next?

I love this coffee table! It was a $10 thrift find, made by Ethan Allen. You can tell by the top of it that is has been well loved by its previous owner. I considered trying to make the top smooth again, but then I decided against it, so its true beauty can shine through. 

So the main culprit of blocking the TV it my beautiful green pumpkin. Before I went any further with a new design decor, I cleared everything off of the table and let it sit empty for a few days.

Once it was blank I had a few ideas. I like how it turned out, it is very simple but it doesn't block the TV!

I love candles, can you tell?

These 2 have to be with me wherever I am. Usually I can keep them out of the photos, but today they decided they didn't want to move.

What do y'all think? perfect view of the TV and nothing blocking it!  

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