The Nesting Place.

Today, I wanted to share about my favorite, and only, Labor Day purchase. I bought the book, The Nesting Place. Reading through this book was both inspiring and convicting. I read the whole book in one day in less than 5 hours! I am not an avid reader when it comes to books. Oh how I wish I was!

One of the main themes of the book is to be ok with imperfections and messiness, to a point, in your home. How true yet so far from our minds sometimes! I mean really, think about it, how can my home be perfectly clean all the time? I do live in my home so clearly my house will get messy and things will get out of place.

About a year ago, I was cleaning the house up for some guests that were coming to visit, I knew they would want to see the whole house so I asked KJ to put this bottle of mouthwash in the cabinet under the sink. His response was, "Why, we don't live in a model home?" At the time I didn't realize how true his statement was. If someone is going to criticize my home and not want to be my friend because we have mouthwash on the bathroom counter then so be it!

Blogging and Social Media in general can sometimes provide a false sense of perfection in ones home, life or style, so today I wanted to show y'all the not so perfect side of my home. I want my blog to inspire you to do projects and improvements in your own home, but I also don't want you to think that my home is this perfect home that never gets messy or out of place!

Our bed does not get made as often and I would like it to, or that I would like people to think it does and thats ok. Also the lovely bedskirt, I just got it, for our bed that we've had for 8 months! You would walk in our room and get to see the box spring, but thats ok!

And the pile of pillows that I hand selected for our bed, have their own spot in the corner. One of them doesn't even have the pillow case on it because I haven't ironed it yet.

And our dining room, no matter how many times I try to put the ironing board away, it always finds itself in the dining room next to a laundry basket!

The Nesting Place Review:

I am in love with this book! So many times, a decorating book will tell you how to make everything perfect, but that is not what life at home is all about! There are times when I would like to have the house looking its best, but it doesn't have to look like that every single day! 

If you are struggling with how to create your space at home or even if you know how to decorate to a T, this book is a must read! There are even special sections devoted to those who are renting! You can have a beautiful space too! 

This book also shows how you don't have to buy everything to match, but that you can create a space that goes together beautifully by using paint and mismatched thrift store furniture. Now, the book does not say everything has to be from a thrift store, but sometimes you can find pieces that are better quality secondhand! They don't make everything like they used to!!

If you read The Nesting Place or you have already read it, please let me know what you think! What about the book inspires you the most, and what did you take away as something you can do in your own home?


  1. I bought this book Monday as well! I loved it. The thing that stuck out most to me was when we tell people "Sorry, for the mess" when things are barely out of place. I constantly do that and I never considered that it would make people feel bad and not comfortable in our own homes. I'm definitely making more effort to not worry about everything being in the "right" place any more and I'm trying not to stress when our home doesn't look picture perfect everyday because it means we're truly living there!

  2. Yes!! I loved the book! I totally tell people "Sorry for the mess" all the time! I never though about how it would make people feel!