Fall In Love With Home: Quieting the Noise

It is hard to draw inspiration and ideas from a room already crowded by decor. When I am preparing to decorate for a new season or even just changing up a room, I first like to quiet the noise of the room. Through this I can let the room speak for itself without its current decor. I can connect to the room and determine what I want to do next.

First, remove all the decor from the room, except for the furniture and other items that I know will stay, like curtains. This give you a clean slate to imagine in. Having the blank table is like a blank canvas to work on.

Then, I like to walk around the room and look at it from all different angles. See where the dark spots are, or see what areas might need a little more than others.

When you quiet the noise, this also gives your furniture a chance to speak. I sometimes forget the details on the legs and the color and lines of the table. These are all the reasons I fell in love with the table, and by clearing it off I get to remember that!

Quieting the noise in your space might seem like it just takes up too much time and you might just want to skip over it, but please take the time to do this. It will make a huge difference when you go to decorate a space.

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  1. Totally did this with my living room last week after reading the Nesting Place and it so works. I had really been struggling with how to decorate our living room and after reading The Nesting Place and using her suggestions, I was able to really look at the room as a blank slate and do a mental inventory of what I needed and what I wanted for the room.

    Sara Holt