Fall In Love With Home: Loving Your Space.

I hope that through yesterday's blog post,  you were able to begin to let go of the dislike toward your space and begin to see the positive! Remember that list you made? Hold on to it! You might need it in days of doubt. When that feeling comes creeping up on you that you cannot love your space, just remember this is your home, this is where you love and live. Remember, as you are your season of life changes you might need to update! Your space does not have to eternally be the same thing! Like my office, it might be a nursery some day, or it might become a man cave (I don't see that happening, he already has one!)

Today I am going to share with y'all some of the things that I thought we major flaws in my home. The expectations I put on my home and the frustration I felt towards my home is embarrassing. Looking back, I could have spent all that energy making memories, but instead I was trying to get of our home and leave the memories behind.

But I Don’t Have A Grand Front Porch
Let me tell you, this is one of the things that I complained about the most, since the house I fell in love with and lost had one. I even told KJ how we could add a porch in... his response "Do you have an extra 10k laying around." If we ever sit on the porch we always sit on the back porch and watch the dogs run around and play. We never use the front porch, but I was adamant that if we had porch I would use it! This was one of those things, that I knew that the costs wouldn't outweigh the benefits, so I accepted my front porch and decorated it the way it is!

But I Don’t Have A Claw Foot Tub
We have a master bathroom with a separate tub and showers, but I was not happy that it wasn't a claw foot tub! Most people would be happy with having  separate tub and shower, but no... I just wasn't happy with the jetted tub. I use it this tub every day now, I was able to put aside the fact that it wasn't my dream bath and be thankful that I had one. I still dream of the day that I will can have a claw foot tub, but I don't despise my bathroom over it now.

But My Cabinets Aren't White
Oh yes, this has been one of our biggest battles of our home. I am team white cabinets and KJ is team theres nothing wrong with the current color. KJ wants to put hardwoods throughout the whole house, and with the color of hardwoods he likes, they will clash with the color of the cabinets. BUT thats not why I dislike the color, to me I feel like it is the darkest room in our home. All the other rooms in our home are bright and have a lot of white and light colors. I was to the point that I literally didn't want to cook all because the color of the cabinets. Then came the day that total conviction swept over me. It was a day I will never forget. Why was I punishing my husband and my home for the color of the cabinets?? I still am not the biggest fan of the color, and we are still tossing around the idea of painting them, but I have put aside the dislike and accepted and loved the space.

 photo 56c9a1f9-3083-4db2-82af-d7fd45fe5e3c_zpscdc25a54.png


  1. No front porch, builder grade oak cabinets... I'm with ya girl!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight. Your words are very true and wise. I beat my home up almost everyday. Mostly the things that you mentioned above, but I like to throw in a few things like I have ugly ceiling fans, my master shower is only an insert and not tiled, my countertops aren't marble..... the list goes on and on. I never thought about how it made my husband feel :( I'm going start working on this ugly attitude and fall in love with my home again! I look forward to reading through your blog!!

  3. White cabinets are wonderful,

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